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Valved Holding Chambers

Good Day Kansas City.  Today, Dr.  Bernabe would like to review asthma medication technique.  Do you use a metered dose inhaler (MDI) as part of your asthma treatment protocol?  If so studies show that one-fourth of medicine delivered by an MDI actually makes it into the airways. The rest ends up lost in the air or stuck on the tongue, sides of cheeks, or back of the throat.  A valved holding chamber (VHC) or a spacer – a handheld device that attaches to your MDI and captures the medicated mist as it sprays out. Using a one-way valve, the medication is trapped long enough inside the holding chamber to be inhaled at your own speed. Most importantly, it pulls out large particles of medication unable to make it into your airways, preventing them from settling in your mouth or throat. VHCs  are available for use with and without masks.   Below are videos on the recommended techniques for both types of VHCs.



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