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Allergy Testing

Allergy skin testing is the most sensitive form of allergy testing and continues to be the benchmark used by most allergists to diagnose the cause of allergies. A large number of allergy cells or mast cells reside in the skin providing a very accessible area to diagnose allergies.


Allergy skin tests can identify allergic antibody to substances that can cause an allergic reaction (pollens, molds, dust mite, animal danders, foods and stinging insects). We use standard extracts from national companies and have the ability to make custom extracts for testing. Skin testing is done by the prick or intradermal method.

Alternatives to Allergy Skin Testing

An alternative to skin testing is blood testing (ImmunoCAP). Blood testing has a lower sensitivity but is very useful in patients who have either severe skin disorders or eczema on their back, or if there is a history of severe, life-threatening reactions to certain substances, all of which make skin testing difficult.

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