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Insurance benefits vary greatly. The insurance coordinator at your place of employment, your insurance agent or the insurance company is the best source of information concerning your coverage. If you file your own insurance, in most cases your copy of the charge slip attached to the insurance form is all that is needed to file a claim.

Some prepaid health insurance plans require written authorization before each visit. Others may only require an authorization before the first visit or annually. Some plans do not require authorization at all. Check with your insurance carrier in advance to be sure you clearly understand their requirements for authorization. If such authorization is required and you do not have it available at the time of your office visit, your insurance benefits will likely be reduced or absent.


Insurance coverage is highly variable. Some of our visits and procedures may be fully covered, partially covered or not covered at all. Some procedure fees are applied to your deductible. This means that you are likely to be responsible for the entire fee until your deductible is fully met. Ask us or your insurance company if you have questions.

Should your insurance coverage change, please contact our office so that we can better assist you. If you have questions about our services or fees, please do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with us.


With many insurance carriers we will file your claims for you. Please be sure we have current and accurate information. We will cooperate in helping you obtain your benefits from your insurance carrier. However, the responsibility for payment is yours. If insurance payment is not received, we request payments from you. Please give our statement your prompt attention.  Payment on balances not covered by insurance can be made in cash, money order or credit card.   We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express.  Credit card payments may be made by calling the office.

Insurance Plans Currently Accepted

We are in network with most major insurance carriers, but we strongly encourage you to contact your insurance company directly to ensure your physician is in network. If need be, our office can provide you with our physicians NPI number. We do not accept any Medicaid plans at this time.

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