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Does Weight Loss Help with Asthma Control?

Despite the well established link between obesity and asthma, it’s still unclear whether weight loss can improve asthma control.Studies of this issue are limited by lack of confirmatory tests for asthma- obese patients are commonly misdiagnosed with asthma.  A recent study looks at the effects of weight loss on airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) in patients with appropriately diagnosed asthma.

Sixteen obese patients with confirmed asthma lost on average 16.5 kg in 3 months and improved their asthma test scores by 5% as well as improvement in asthma control and quality of life. The control group had no improvements and gained weight.

Weight loss can definitely help in a patient’s overall health and may make the difference in asthma control.

This time of year in Kansas City is the worst for allergies and asthma in general!  Make sure you are keeping up with regular appointments with your board certified allergist as well as a primary care doctor to keep weight issues under control.

Read more about this study: Chest. 2015; 147:1582-1590


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